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Our mission is to become an exclusive resource for finding the best professionals in the Persian wedding, party and event industry.

Our priority is to connect those who have an upcoming celebration with the most amazing talent that can help make their vision come to life.

Planning an event is not easy. From birthday parties at home to exquisite dream weddings, it takes plenty of time, effort and sheer ingenuity to find just the right vendors to provide you with everything that you need for that special celebration.

That is why we created Party Bravo, the one and only online directory for Persian weddings, parties and special events.

As your one-stop source for party planning, we have gathered an amazing selection of party-related vendors and service providers in over 25 categories, ranging from Banquet Rooms and Venues to Cakes and Desserts.

Choose your “Area” and “Category” for a listing of the best possible vendors for every aspect of your celebration.

See each vendor’s profile for contact information and a full description of their services. Browse through their comprehensive photo and video gallery. Review their glowing customer testimonials. Find their location map with the tap of your fingertips. Best of all, look up special deals that each vendor offers under “Promotions” and take advantage of them just by mentioning Party Bravo!

  • No need to wait for “word of mouth” 
  • Do all of your research online 
  • Explore the possibilities at your convenience  
  • Take advantage of the promotions and special offers 
  • We are open 24 hours and 7 days per week

There is no surprise then that by using Party Bravo, planning your next event will be a breeze. In fact, the goal is for you to  have as much fun at your own event as your guest will.

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We have gathered an incredible selection of the best party-related businesses for all of the services that you need in order to create unforgettable weddings and fabulous parties.
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From the perfect wedding dress, to the smoothest limo ride, to all of the beauty services you need to look amazing! We even help you to find the right gift for any occasion.

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