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The following is a list of catering locations for the type of catering that you have in mind for that special day. Click each to see promotions or discounts.

Points to Consider for Choosing a Caterer:

When considering which caterer to order from, you want to keep in mind the type of taste and aesthetics of the food you want to have catered for your occasion. Having the right caterer will delight both you and your guests at your occasion, so it is vital to have a good caterer.

Depending on your occasion, you will want to consider the following catering options from the above listing: international catering, Persian food catering, Armenian food catering, Greek food catering, Italian food catering, American food catering, international food catering for weddings, and pizza catering.

For Persian and Armenian clients, the above listing covers Persian wedding catering, Persian fruit displays, Persian party catering, Iranian catering, Persian kabob, kabob koobideh, kabob barg, koresht gheimeh, sabzi polo mahi, ghormeh sabzi, hummus, shirazi salad, bademjan, Armenian catering, dolmeh, boneless chicken kabob, boneless lamb kabob, maust, maust khiar, moursier, tahdig, ash reshte, shish kabob, zereshk polo, albaloo polo, baghali polo, adas polo, sabzi polo, dough, Persian tea, gheimeh bademjan, Persian Crispy Rice, and fesenjan.

Among other areas, Party Bravo features caterers in northern California, southern California, San Francisco, the Bay Area, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.