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Enjoy Your Party. Go for Catering.
Some of the points to consider when catering for your party

From deciding which "Kamran & Houman" song to download on your  iPod, to determining which brand of “Cha-ee” (tea) to buy, adult life is full of hard choices.  But none are as challenging as those presented by the almighty dinner party! (What goes better with Joojeh Kabob, Chardonnay or “Doogh”? Yikes!) 

Therefore, if you, like most of us are culinary challenged, just do the mature, responsible thing and hire a caterer! Hiring a caterer ensures that your guests are wowed by the menu, making you, the host, look like a genius!

To insure that you find the right caterer for your next dinner party, follow these simple tips:
  • Look at Party Bravo!’s fantastic list of caterers and view their profiles for a description of their work, as well as, picture of their mouthwatering creations.
  • Create a budget per person.
  • Ask to see sample menus that match your budget.
  • Look at a caterer’s portfolio of color photographs.  Pay close attention to the presentation style/table design.  Does it look beautiful and does it match your style?
  • Contact previous customers to see how satisfied they were with the quality of the food, presentation, punctuality, etc.
  • Is the caterer willing to make special adjustments to the menu? For instance, using healthier alternatives. 
  • Whether you are going for Persian food or international, be sure to select a variety of food items to accommodate all taste from vegetarians to meat lovers!
  • Review the location of your party with your caterer.  Make sure there is enough space for the caterers to work on preparing the food before it goes on your dinner table.
  • Review the size and shape of your dinner table with your caterer and go over the placement of all dishes to make sure there is enough space, platters and servers for all dishes. 
  • Are additional equipment necessary? If so, determine who will pay for it. 
  • Does the service include a waiting staff?  If so confirm how many and their dress code.
  • Most importantly, ask to taste the food!