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Best Travel & Tours

Best Travel & Tours

Address: 5001 Birch St., Suite 27
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: Main (949) 419-4709 / Fax (949) 679-9086
Contact: Heidi Hejazi, owner
Hours: Mon- Fri: 9am- 6pm Sat: 10am- 1pm
Languages: English, Farsi

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Are you planning a surprise trip for your sweetheart’s upcoming birthday? Are you looking for the perfect getaway for a romantic honeymoon? Or maybe you are looking for a tropical location for your upcoming destination wedding. Regardless of who you are, your first concern is finding the right travel agency that is able to accommodate the needs of you and your guests. That’s where Best Travel & Tours comes to your rescue!

With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry business, Best Travel & Tours has the experience and know how to help you achieve all your travel needs. Because of their extensive experience and knowledge in this field, the company is able to dedicate a lot of their time and passion on delivering outstanding and unmatched customer service. Their mission at Best Travel & Tours is to provide not only the best, but the lowest prices for airline and cruise tickets, hotel accommodations, and all-inclusive packages for any destination around the globe. Contact Best Travel & Tours and experience the best care and support for your upcoming journeys.
The service is excellent and the personnel I work with are great. The service can be accomodated within the current budget and in a reasonable time frame. Easy company to work with.We enjoyed our trip.

Irvine, CA
We really enjoyed our stay in Cabos, nice resort & fun... Thank you for your service.

Sarah & Omid
San Diego, CA
A great customer experience! The flexability and speed of response.. Thank you for helping my mother with her flights.

Saba S.
Milwaukee, WI