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Belly Dance By Rachel

Address: San Diego, CA
Phone: Main (503) 866-1800
Contact: Rachel, Owner/ Dancer
Languages: English

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Rachel is San Diego’s own internationally acclaimed Bellydancer!!! Simply amazing!Rachel has become an extremely sought after dancer and instructor. With her highly accredited dance and musical training with the Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance, this multi-award winning performer has taught workshops and classes across the USA.

Based in Southern California, Rachel is San Diego’s number one premier Bellydance entertainment highlight. Rachel continues to teach and perform her incomparable musical interpretation with a great rooted understanding in dance movement, technique, culture, and isolation strength. Her performances are fantastically radiant, full of amazing technique and grace while accompanied by her captivating authentic style. Rachel's dynamic artistry brings to the stage and private events a rare and unique element in emotional expression that leaves her audience thirsting for more.  

To book Belly Dance by Rachel for your upcoming events or to learn more about her classes, please contact Rachel today. 
She is an amazing and talented performer blending beautiful stage presence with heart stopping technique and grace. As an instructor, she demonstrated extreme professionalism through her use of a thoroughly structured and challenging teaching format all delivered in her friendly and down-to-earth style.

Vilia Varghese
She is both an amazing dancer and instructor!!!! She is a very athletic dancer, and she knows the benefit of becoming a better dancer by being in great shape. I appreciate this in her dancing and teaching methods.

Mimi Grifkin