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Araksya & Amir 
A Persian-Armenian Love Affair

Araksya Karapetyan (Fox News 11, Anchor woman) and Amir’s love story began years ago when the two met each other through friends in their hometown of Palos Verdes, CA. As their relationship began to develop, the Armenian beauty moved to New York to attend college, and later to Idaho and Oregon in pursuit of her successful journalism career.  Though the two were separated by thousands of miles, their love never hindered and they tied the knot right after Araksya moved back to Los Angeles.

Due to Araksya’s Armenian background and Amir’s Persian background, the
duo made many compromises in planning their wedding. Wanting to take advantage
of the scenery, the couple opted for a beautiful outdoor ceremony underneath a
candlelit tree; a symbolic reference to life and the union of their family trees.  Having selected the magical Taglyan Complex as their reception venue, the wedding colors
were kept to a classic white in order to mimic the changing colors of the 5,000
sq.ft. stained glass ceiling of the venue's grand ballroom.  

Although Araksya and Amir opted to have both Armenian and Persian music for 
the night, their first dance was to a meaningful French song that they both loved
and grew up listening to. When reminiscing about their special day, the couple
loved the elegant, yet high energy ambiance of the evening. 

We wish this beautiful couple all the best. 

Congratulations, Araksya & Amir!

Araksya & Amir's Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do have your makeup and hairstylist with you. They will ensure you look your very best throughout your special day.
  • Do have a pair of (cute) flats! Comfort is important to being happy on your wedding day.
  • Do know what exact car or limousine will pick you up; a non-working AC can damper your ride. 
  • Don't assume your vendors know what you mean. Show them lots of photo examples and ask for samples of their work.
  • Don't skimp on your photography and videography. Hire the best you can afford because your photos and video are all that remain once the night is over. 

Location:  Taglyan Complex, Photographer: Jay Jay Photography 

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